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Assessment of Info. needs of SMEs
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The small and medium enterprises(SMEs) contribute to around 75% of India's exports. These units are the backbone of the industrial sector in India. Most of these units are family concerns and do not have a professional management setup. These units require updated information on factors concerning their units be it information on the market or information on Govt. policies . Each sector of SMEs has its on unique information requirement . 


This project aims to identify the specific information requirement of certain chosen SME sectors, so that a proper information delivery mechanism for them could be formulated at the highest level of policy making . The study will be concentrated in Madhya Pradesh and the findings of the study is proposed to be deliberated at a national level seminar on the topic.


The Study will primarily focus on the following factors


  • Sector Specific assessment of information needs with respect to content and quality 

  • Propose effective delivery mechanism for Information dissemination 

  • Propose effective content development mechanisms so that the information is specific, consise and useful to the target group for which it is meant. 

  • Propose ways of self  sustenance of the delivery & development mechanisms


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